This is the PCC2 Web Battle Simulator, a multi-ship battle simulator that runs in your browser.

The left side has a list of units. Use Ins to add a ship, p to add a planet (or click the buttons of course). On the right side, you can edit the ships and planets, and start the simulation. Some options are also on each ship/planet's menu accessible on the list.

Mobile users: If your screen is too small to see both panels at the same time, there will be a button to switch to the respective other side. Clicking/tapping the unit that is already selected in the list will also take you to the right side with the editor. If you have trouble hitting the small buttons to edit a value, just tap anywhere in the section, and you will get a menu.


Global Keys

Ins Add a ship.
p Add a planet.
Ctrl-o Show the Simulation Options
Enter Start simulating