To use PCC2 Web with your own data, you have to sign up and, well, give me some of your data. This needs rules. These rules have been kept intentionally simple and, I hope, friendly. Still, if you don't like them, don't sign up, don't use the service.

To keep it simple, You means you, the Service is PCC2 Web or, and I am Stefan Reuther, who runs this thing.

Note that if you need something which these terms disallow, just contact me, I'm sure we can find a quick solution.

Terms Version 1

(1) General

(1.1) Your use of the Service is subject to these terms. You accept these terms by creating a user account or otherwise using the Service. Limited functionality is available without creating a user account.

(1.2) You understand that I run this Service as a hobby in my spare time. There is are no guarantee for any given functionality, quality, and availability. Of course, I'll try to fix problems as soon as I am aware of them.

(1.3) Since I am German, and the Service is operated in Germany, German law applies to all your use of the Service.

(1.4) I may amend these terms from time to time. You will receive a notice upon your next log-in. If you do not agree to the updated terms, you should stop using the Service.

(2) Using the Service

(2.1) In general, you are allowed one account per natural person. Using multiple accounts to deceive or otherwise cheat other users is considered abuse.

(2.2) Some functions may have limits (such as maximum file size). Attempts to bypass these limits or otherwise "hack" the Service are considered abuse.

(2.3) You agree to use the Service only through the publicly offered interfaces, using reasonable access methods.

(2.4) You agree to not post illegal material through the Service.

(2.98) Abuse may lead to account termination and/or blocking you from using the Service.

(2.99) I reserve the right to remove illegal content posted to the Service.

(3) Privacy

(3.1) This service stores some data you submit.

(3.2) No data you submit to the Service, either explicit, or implicit through your software, will ever be made available to third parties not involved in running the Service without your explicit consent, except when ordered so by a court.

(3.3) This includes data entered during the sign-up process, your uploaded files, and other data you submit to the Service. This data will be used to provide the Service to you.

(3.4) This also includes data sent implicitly by your browser, such as your browser type, operating system and IP address. I use this information to find problems, optimize the Service, and track down abuse. The Service contains no third-party advertising or cross-site user tracking.

(3.5) Some data will be made available to other users of the Service. The respective functions will contain a clear indication that you're entering public data. A detailed description will be on the help page.

(3.6) When you are logged in, or are using a demo session, the Service will store session cookies on your computer. Those are required for the Service to function. Unless specifically ordered otherwise, the cookies are deleted when you close your browser.