The ship page consists of three parts. To modify a value, press the key listed next to it, or click the button. You can also click/touch somewhere in the section to get a menu of editable items.

Some actions are also on the ship's menu on the unit list.

Ship section

  • t: Edit ship type. Select a hull type from a list. Use custom (top of list) to freely define a ship with arbitrary mass and weapons;
  • o: Edit ship owner;
  • n: Edit ship name. The name is just for you to identify the ship; it has no effect on the simulation;
  • i: Edit ship Id;
  • f: Edit ship friendly code. The friendly code determines battle order. Special codes (lfm etc.) are also interpreted. Type # to let the simulator randomly generate that place of the friendly code;
  • r: Toggle random friendly code. When enabled, the # places are randomly generated by the simulator (subject to the Randomize FCodes option); if no # was specified, the whole friendly code is randomized. When enabled, the random parts of the fcode are shown in yellow;
  • d: Edit ship damage;
  • c: Edit ship crew amount;
  • l: Edit ship experience level;
  • s: Edit ship shield level;
  • m: Edit ship mass. This is only possible for custom ships; for regular ships, it's taken from the hull definition.

Weapons section

  • 1: Edit primary weapon. Enter type and number of beam weapons;
  • 2: Edit secondary weapon. For torpedo ships, you can enter the torpedo type and number of launchers and torpedoes. For carriers, you can enter the number of fighters. For custom ships, you can choose between torpedoes and fighters.

Details section

  • e: Edit ship engine type. This affects the Engine-Shield bonus;
  • a: Edit ship aggressiveness. You can give the ship a primary enemy or a Kill mission, or you can choose it to be passive (neither PE nor Kill) or have no fuel. This affects battle order in multi-ship fights;
  • v: Toggle cloak. A cloaked ship must have a primary enemy to attack, and cannot be attacked. Note that the simulator allows you to cloak any ship (it is for simulating fictional battles after all);
  • b: Edit ship abilities;
  • x: Edit ship intercept mission. If the ship intercepts another ship, and has a matching Primary Enemy, this will be treated as a Intercept-Attack. Note that the simulator will let you do this with any ship; in a regular fight, a ship needs to have a cloaking device to be able to perform Intercept-Attack.


These operations are on the ship's menu in the ship list.

  • Del: Delete this ship;
  • .: Disable (or re-enable) this ship. A disabled ship will not take part in the fight, as if it were not on the list. Use this to check "what if this ship were not here" scenarios, without removing and re-entering the ship again and again;
  • Ctrl+, Ctrl+: Move the ship up or down in the list. You can use this to organize the ship list. It has no effect on the simulation;
  • Ins: Add a new ship. Adds a copy of this ship, but offers you to change the hull. If you do change the hull, other parameters of the ship are also adjusted to the most likely settings;
  • *: Replicate this ship. Asks for a number and inserts that many identical copies of the ship.