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Posted Sun, 2022-11-20 17:12 GMT

Hi everyone,

there have been some discussions about games configurations, so I'd like to share the concrete plans I'm currently pursuing:

(a) To make games that (hopefully) fill faster, I have for quite some while pondered having a game with five Feds, or five Klingons, or five Empires; at0mix brought up that topic, too. Basic parameters would be a smaller universe (to compensate for fewer races), not sure about wrap, probably PList, probably no allies.

(b) Tequila War has been requested vividly, so I'd like to give that add-on a test drive. Probably in a Phoenix-style game for the first try.

(c) Speaking of add-ons, both Starbase Reloaded and FLAK are too good for mothballing them after one run. Basically, I consider setting up a new series running both.


[Posting] Re: Future Game Plans
Posted Fri, 2022-11-25 13:32 GMT

Looking forward to see the new games! But only (a) solves the problem that some races are not attractive and only slowly taken by players.

Did you also think about the idea, that each player is not allowed to choose his race, but may only choose the preference of all races and the host decides who gets the first pick by throwing some dices? I understand that adding this feature to the site is not trivial.