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Thread:Future Game Plans
Date:Sun, 2022-11-20 17:12 GMT

Hi everyone,

there have been some discussions about games configurations, so I'd like to share the concrete plans I'm currently pursuing:

(a) To make games that (hopefully) fill faster, I have for quite some while pondered having a game with five Feds, or five Klingons, or five Empires; at0mix brought up that topic, too. Basic parameters would be a smaller universe (to compensate for fewer races), not sure about wrap, probably PList, probably no allies.

(b) Tequila War has been requested vividly, so I'd like to give that add-on a test drive. Probably in a Phoenix-style game for the first try.

(c) Speaking of add-ons, both Starbase Reloaded and FLAK are too good for mothballing them after one run. Basically, I consider setting up a new series running both.