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Date:Wed, 2021-11-03 18:07 GMT
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It would be nice if this site enforced some kind of rule to encourage players to play different races. Otherwise we have cases like at0mix who always only ever plays as Privateers (ok, he's joined 12 games, 11 as Privateer and once as Crystals). Which means that nobody else has a chance to play the game as Privateers, and since he's always allied to his buddies from before the game starts, all the games end up the same. ......

I'm following this thread and some others on the same topic since quite a while. Kept quite so far as one could say similar about me:

  • it looks like i'm always allied with same guys.....not true but one could think so
  • always plays Borg (mmm...well almost true - i simply love them)

We can chat separately about me if it's wanted :wink:

Back to topic - It's not only at0mix. In Titan 17 we play again against that all-mighty alliance. IMHO it's not at0mix who is the 'head of alliance' but Kobrov. Since few games player-ID emperor_1999 joined their team.

I started with Planets in 1994 (with DOSplan - do you remember?) and i never ever saw an alliance that worked so perfectly together as at0mix/Kobrov/emeror_1999.

A mean person would ask the question: Is it three individuals or a single person???

Dahoudaboudadoudawou and James T. Plagerism: As you also play in Titan 17...what is your feeling?

Currently i don't find another game to join where THOSE guys are not already registered (with Fed and Privateers taken). Already looking into planets.nu but i don't see a real reason why i should pay a monthly/yearly fee when i already paid for the licence years ago....and planets.nu doesn't give the thrilling feeling as good old Winplan client :smile:

Now i need to jump into the other thread: https://planetscentral.com/talk/thread.cgi/576-Pre-made-alliances#p3453


PS: Checkout https://planetscentral.com/host/game.cgi/71-North-Star-14
No alliance game but the 'band of three' will cooperate and Kobrov will win. Who takes the bet? :smile: