[Posting] May as well rename "Privateers" to "at0mix"
From:James T. Plagerism
Thread:May as well rename "Privateers" to "at0mix"
Date:Thu, 2021-10-14 20:02 GMT

It would be nice if this site enforced some kind of rule to encourage players to play different races. Otherwise we have cases like at0mix who always only ever plays as Privateers (ok, he's joined 12 games, 11 as Privateer and once as Crystals). Which means that nobody else has a chance to play the game as Privateers, and since he's always allied to his buddies from before the game starts, all the games end up the same. This game-ruining behavior has caused me to only join no-allies games from now on (which means I get to play far fewer games than I would like).

If it was my VGAP site I would make it a rule that you need to rotate through at least half the races before getting to play one again. Even better would be blind joining, where you join a game, but races are only assigned at the time the game starts.