PCC2 Web is an AJAX application. It uses normal HTML/CSS to render most things (including most of the starchart!). It requires JavaScript enabled. It requires a browser with <canvas> support to draw minefields.

It should be playable with any "6.x" browser or later (IE6, Netscape 6, and everything after).

So far, it has been tried with the following browsers:

The remainder of PlanetsCentral requires a browser with CSS support. Some functions are only available with JavaScript enabled, for example keyboard control or some shortcuts. However, all features of the site should also be accessible without it.

Known Problems

The formatting may look broken in IE6. Sometimes I fix it, sometimes I don't.

Some browsers (at least older versions of links, lynx) do not correctly handle our redirects ("post redirect get" pattern). Choose "no" when they ask you to submit a form for the third time.

Pre-"6.x" browsers (e.g. IE5, Netscape 4.01) are not supported. These browsers either lack required features, or claim to support them but fail when asked to actually do them.