Large parts of can be controlled with a keyboard.

Keys have been chosen to not interfere with regular browsing. When you look at something that looks like a web page, it can be used like a web page: arrows/Space to scroll, Tab to select links, etc. These rules do not apply to dialogs, which are intended to behave like dialogs.

Note that this information pertains to the website, not to the PCC2 Web application. PCC2 Web has its own keymaps, modeled after the desktop application.

Global Keys

These keys are available on every screen of the website.

AltAUser home page (Account section)AltPPlay section
AltEFinished (Ended) gamesAltRActive (Running) games
AltFFile managerAltSSettings
AltHHost sectionAltTTalk section main page (Index)AltUNavigate Up (parent section)
AltJJoin a gameAltXLog out (eXit)
AltMMail?Keyboard help

General Keys

The following keys are used systematically wherever possible.

j,kKeyboard focus (down/up) in a list of games, messages, etc.: Initially, there is no particular keyboard focus. You can use j and k to move down and up, respectively. The focused element will be briefly highlighted with a flashing box. This accesses items on a page (mails, games, etc.) in a quicker fashion than a browser's Tab key would.
h,lSection select (left/right): When keyboard focus is on a section selection list, you can use these keys to select the previous/next section, e.g. previous/next score chart, ship list filter, etc.
EnterEnter: Enter the focused item (mail, game, etc.)
ESCClose dialog
d,DelDelete: Delete the focused item (mail, folder, file, etc.)
xSelect: Select/unselect the focused item (mail, ...). Future operations will apply to all selected items.
uUp: in a file structure, goes to the parent directory.