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[Posting] Spammers
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Posted Sat, 2024-07-06 08:02 GMT


maybe you noticed the spam. That seems to be a @$&%@# trying to find exploits here, hitting all possible forms with random stuff (and valid login credentials, the barely passed the signup anti-spam). I deleted what I found.

Note to would-be hackers: you will not find SQL, PHP or Java exploits here, by design. Save us and yourself the trouble.


[Posting] Re: Spammers
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Posted Sat, 2024-07-06 15:12 GMT

Update: I added a rate-limiting feature. This means you can now send only this many forum postings or PMs per day. I hope limits are reasonable for reasonable users, but you never know. In case you reach the limit and get an error message, you know whom to thank.

(I also removed 900 outgoing mails from the queue.)