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Posted Fri, 2024-03-01 13:26 GMT

There have not been many new features recently. One reason for that is: I was building ship models. The new site update therefore now features 3-D models for all ships. You can see them in the VCR and simulator, and on the ship list tables. For example, here's the Firecloud or the Lady Royale. Click them to be able to inspect them from all directions. In FLAK, you will get 3-D models all the way, that you can actually have a Death Star fight a Borg Cube.

As a minor addition, the website can now show hull functions. This has been requested a while ago, but took some effort to implement because it requires more logic than just dumping a single file.

As inspiration for the models, I took the original 1995s picture sets. Some designs are totally new (e.g. the Ruby). Of course I also took inspiration from the scifi lore that in turn inspired VGAP in the first place.

Some models turned out pretty neat (a personal favorite is the D3 Thorn or the SSD). Others are still pretty plain, but I hope to improve here over time. In particular, right now, pictures primarily match the standard ship list, PList not so much.

I also prepared a picture file for PCC that you can download here:

Have fun,

[Posting] Re: Site Update
Posted Fri, 2024-03-01 16:20 GMT

Pretty kewl, thank you for this enhancement Stefan :smile: