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[Posting] PCC 2.0.12
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Posted Sun, 2021-10-03 10:54 GMT

Hi everyone,

I have uploaded PCC 2.0.12.

It includes a few features requested by you:

  • show starbase image in starchart (see)
  • add "exit without save" and "save without exit" options (see)
  • auto-warp can now be turned off (see)
  • add a script command AddPref that allows modifying, among others, the ship/planet label expressions (see)
  • failures to open some less important files are no longer fatal (see)

Other fixes include

  • battle simulation combat order was wrong if asymmetric aggressor/opponent relations were used
  • some crashes inside the FLAK viewer. If you plan to play FLAK, please upgrade!

As usual, get it from

Have fun,