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[Posting] Temporary turns
Thread opener, Player 2 (The Lizards)
Posted Tue, 2020-10-20 20:45 GMT

Hey there,

I have noticed that both Priv and EE always submit only temporary turns which causes the host not to run before the scheduled date.

If you guys actually do work on your empires until the last minute I certainly will not blame you for doing so. :wink:

However if this is always only based on over-cautiousness (Let's better mark it temporary, just in case!) I'd like to ask you to make final desicions and submit final turns right away (as all the other players do) so the game does not get delayed unnecessarily. :smile:

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Lizard Alliance

[Posting] Re: Temporary turns
Player 5 (The Privateers)
Posted Wed, 2020-10-21 06:32 GMT

The status of the final turn does not allow, in principle, to update the turn. There were never such restrictions on Russian servers - and the host could start earlier than the schedule with all the turn, but before starting the host, it was possible to update the turn many times. I will take into account your wish and will resend the turn with the status of "final turn" in case all players have made their turn

[Posting] Re: Temporary turns
Posted Wed, 2020-10-21 20:36 GMT

The status of the final turn does not allow, in principle, to update the turn.

Doch. (That's a German word that has no direct English equivalent.)

You can update your turn as often as you wish, even if it is marked final. The only difference between final and temporary is that temporary prevents host from running early - like you describe.

You can also change your turn from final to temporary and back at any time using the Options menu next to your race on the game page. (Do I need to add a disclaimer that this feature needs JavaScript?) For example, if you remember that you forgot something, you can set your turn to temporary so host doesn't run behind your back while you prepare the update.


[Posting] Re: Temporary turns
Posted Mon, 2020-10-26 17:05 GMT

There is one important thing you may want to keep in mind when switching between temporay and final status. Symply switching between those two won't reset the turns timer like uploading a turn file does.

The timer is a little feature that prevents PHost from running for half an hour after uploading a turn file. The idea is that you may upload a turn, mark it as final and 10 minutes later you suddenly think: shit I forgot to... whatever. As long as the host date is not due host won't run in that time.
But that timer is set for 30 minutes the moment you upload your turn and only then. So if you switch a temporary marked file to final - and it was uploaded more than 30 minutes ago, then host may run immediately.