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Date:Mon, 2013-05-27 18:15 GMT

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I also have a couple of game types I want to try: for example, a small and dense universe for a fast game. Or games with all sorts of add-ons. But first we need a few players...


Hello, some time ago I played a fast game with I think the following rules.

End of game as soon as only x active played races left.

So the higher x so faster the game ends.

Score only for destroyed units.

In this game it was I think.

- 100 points for a destroyed SB.

- 500 points for a destroyed HW.

- Hullmass/10 for each destroyed capital ship.

- Points for the race fighting this unit first in this turn. The score was simly made in a calculator and not with a tool. Today (This game was 1995(?) with T-HostV3.20 or so) it should be possible to make a ITA-Score setup for this kind of score or to write a own scoring program.

Important are also the starting conditions.

Shorter distances means faster game. A smaller map is also usefull.

Some Hints how to play something like this.

- A race heavy fighting may win such a game even with only one ship or planet left as long as the player upload a valid turn. This race will has at least more points than a race never fighting.

-Think twice before creating a NAP or alliance. Each race you do not fight, does not give you points.

If I has sometimes time left for this, then I will send stefan some settings for such a game. Be carefully and do not trust that this ever happen. I want to do so much...



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