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Date:Sat, 2013-04-06 22:25 GMT

Was there already a thread for such? I did not see anything. Anyway

it might be funny to play without so much conversation and negotiations. Without the need to check your mails before playing the next turn. :D

Or just with repressive rules about player interaction. A non diplo game so to say.

There is already a "No Allies" building blocks for games.

To make a true "non-diplo game", we'd have to make it anonymous. Games of this type used to be popular on the Blutmagie host. I want to make this possible here, but currently the server is too chatty and tells everyone who plays.

I also have a couple of game types I want to try: for example, a small and dense universe for a fast game. Or games with all sorts of add-ons. But first we need a few players...