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Date:Mon, 2023-10-02 18:03 GMT

It is not my intent to start a witchhunt, but since there was the speculation of Manfu being a puppet, then the consequent next step would be to see who might be profiting among the players. It is very likely to assume that if someone is behind it then this person is also taking part in these games. Everyone can check for themselves that there are just two players here who are or were also playing in every game that Manfu started so far: Kobrov and Milko

But I have to agree with Stefan: As annoying as it is, the best way to deal with it is just to attack and destroy quickly.

Unfortunately all said is true :sad:
No violation (at least not easy to proof)
Annoying for sure
Actually i would even go that far to call it 'damned stupid'

Nevertheless, the victim(s) for this and future games is clear.
I'd say: Go and get them, boys!!! The hunt is open.