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Date:Tue, 2023-09-26 11:57 GMT

Maybe a newbie with no time.

Doens't look like a newbie to me... Never met someone this newbish, who ist still playing... There are a million games out there that are waiting to be played... It isn't even fun for this guy to play the bird like this... Maybe the goal is already reached... The bird is slowed down enough, not to be of any threat to other races now :wink:

No, don't think it's a newbie (meaning a new human player behind) nor it's related to time constraints.
But i also think that the goal of 'destroying' Bird is reached.
Not really sportsmanship-like kind of gameplay.

But coming back to 'who would benefit' ?
..and this is only pure brainstorming without any fingerpointing.

Bird's Loki-Immunity:
Clear to me, here Fed and Lizard would benefit in case they have Bird as enemy. No Birds mean no DarkWing is knocking on their doors.

Bird's Cloaking battleships:
Not having Resolute and DarkWing would benefit everyone who has Bird as enemy. Especially when thinking about alliance of Birds with some others, e.g. Clocked miners (web or normal).
They are cheap to build and have lots of weapons (in regards to mine sweeping).

Bird as your neighbor: If someone has them as neighbor but is not interested in their ships but only in their territory it'll make sense to not invest in expansion of Bird.
Interesting point here is the score of Bird. 1 planet, 1 STB, 1 cap ship, 3 freighters. This freighters are loaded with clans, sup and MC and waiting to be captured 'coincidentally' by that neighbor. He then will use this resources to take planets in Birds territory.
It will also give more space between him and his second next neighbor which delays the point in time of first contact. Good or bad? - depends on who the other neighbor is.

Worth to mention is also that the poor honest guy who has Bird as neighbor is now betrayed in having a IMO powerful ally. If now the other neighbor is hostile it could mean end of life for that poor guy.

Anyways, i guess you all agree that the account in question was just created in order to give someone else a boost and there was never the intention to let the race grow (similar to his other games).

How to go on?
Again, it depends on your positioning to the Birds. If i recall correctly Stefan doesn't have 'killrace' on his server.