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Date:Fri, 2023-09-22 22:57 GMT


I feel you and I find the described gameplay pretty annoying not only because it's slowing down the gameflow but also it's creating an imbalance in the game right from the getgo. Unfortunately, I cannot see any rules violated here, i.e. two races are played by the same individual - which admittedly will be hard to proof. So, I guess we can only call on every Player being concious to treat others the same way he/she/it want to be treated.

V/r Terraner

P.S. I believe though, every game Kobrov signs up for has an inherently imbalance. :wink:

Lupus 2: Playing the Fascists, missed 9 out of 28 turns. Dropped out two times and rejoined, even though his gameplay was very questionable. I am uncertain about this guy, but will solve it with my own hands (or ships).

What a joke :smile: Turn 6 and no change in score. streu: Stefan we need you !!!