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Date:Wed, 2023-09-20 11:37 GMT


Guys, this PaulManfu account is for me subject to be removed, deleted, banned forever.

Look at the score in Titan22. We are at turn 5 and that guy has - 1 planet, 1 starbase, 1 cap ship, 3 freighters All other players are doing real stuff which can be seen on their score.

PaulManfu is played - or not played? - just for the sake of not letting the Bird grow and to benefit the REAL guy behind on his primary race.

PaulManfu is 'played' in 4 games and in all 4 games you can see the exact same pattern.

This is not fair at all.

If one wants to play two races in a game than he should do it properly and give both races his full attention.

I'd say 'Killrace Bird' and remove the account.

Sorry for my hard words but ...

Would be nice to know streu opion on this topic?