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Date:Thu, 2022-07-28 19:36 GMT

We could either do to a traditional turn limit (this would give all of us some planning reliability, i.e. stop building ships at a certain point and rather invest in ammo, mines, etc.) or a score/base/planet limit of x% of the total score/planets/bases (not even sure if Stefan can set up this winning condition, in case we agree to this the winner could also raise his hand :wink:)

A "x% of planets" score would just be "x% of 500 planets" and can be done, but would mean ranks are decided by number of planets. (The host cannot yet distinguish between "score to end the game" and "score to do the ranking".)

Regarding voting, I wonder what criteria one would base a vote on? Given that the first places are pretty close (especially 2 and 3), would this end in a sniping competition (vote yes, build a base and hope the guy in front of you doesn't)?

I would probably vote "after turn 80, the game can end at any time" which happens to be the default ending mode :smile: