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Date:Sat, 2022-07-16 18:24 GMT

Well, this is always the case when two parties agree to a NAP. They are both able to focus on other targets which might easily be the same.

So in order to avoid this in the future nobody should negotiate a NAP any more, it would have to be friend or foe, black or white.

Not sure if this can be enforced...

from the point of view of the other side, it looked different, the union 5-7-11 with the later 2 actually fought against both unions - both 3-4-9 and 1-6. considering that alliances 3-4-9 and 1-6 may not have entered into an alliance at the level of the game - but in fact they colluded and did not fight among themselves, since both unions chose us as a target and did not fight among themselves - in fact, a war 1-6 + 3-4-9 against 2 + 5-7-11 came out.