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Date:Fri, 2022-07-15 15:30 GMT

Not quite sure what you mean. It was a game of 3 vs 3 vs 2 vs 1. Not any mega alliance in my mind.

from the point of view of the other side, it looked different, the union 5-7-11 with the later 2 actually fought against both unions - both 3-4-9 and 1-6. considering that alliances 3-4-9 and 1-6 may not have entered into an alliance at the level of the game - but in fact they colluded and did not fight among themselves, since both unions chose us as a target and did not fight among themselves - in fact, a war 1-6 + 3-4-9 against 2 + 5-7-11 came out. unfortunately, a rich galaxy gives a very big bonus to heavy races - especially 6-8-9-10-11. A lot of minerals allowed the robot to build many flagships and basilisks. In addition - I believe that basilisk anti-cloack at level 0 completely breaks the game every time - at least basilisk should receive an anti-cloack at level 3 or 4 - if he lives