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Date:Wed, 2022-01-12 20:46 GMT


what is missing in the documentation. there is a table of ships. but in this table there are no special features of these ships, for example

Al = Alchemy

B = Bioscan

C = Cloak

Good point. In addition to this and if possible I suggest to also add the standard XP levels when certain features become available, for example:

B'Rel - C (L0)

Cobra - C (L2)

This is actually the reason why this feature doesn't yet exist.

Writing "Alchemy" behind hull 105 would be pretty trivial, but those PList 3.2 abilities can be pretty complex and configuration-dependant. In PCC2, I've been experimenting with a few ways to visualize it, i.e. filter out irrelevant things and so on. It shouldn't be too hard to duplicate that logic to the website.