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Thread:May as well rename "Privateers" to "at0mix"
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Date:Mon, 2021-11-08 08:08 GMT

wow, this thread escalated quickly, now I wanna join in! :smile:

From my part, I really dont mind if there are players picking the same race over and over again. I always see myself taking the Crystals from time to time, where I share a similar experience with some of you: It was my very first race to play and quickly became the one I enjoyed most.

About the "russian block": There was always the argument of language barrier why they keep playing together, but in this thread they have proven this wrong - perfect english writing, so you guys CAN communicate with the rest of us! :lol: However I can understand it - if there's an ally who is reliable, where you have good experience with, one would usually always turn to this person sooner or later. For me, this is Knut Wuchtig, who is also one of my best friends for more than 20 years in real life.

I would appreciate to see everyone here not picking on each other, and just let fate decide who gets to play which race. If at0mix is too quick to often get the Privs, then so be it, let's not ruin his fun. I have seen the decline of VGAPlanets websites and players over the years, and I fear that soon there might not be enough active players left to fill the games anyways. This is my only concern, and the only valid reason I would accept to ask everyone to at least not form massively dominant alliances from the start, so that newer or more unexperienced players do get a chance to play, or won't lose the fun in it too quickly. But even in this, all we can do is kindly ask, and not force anything on others.