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Date:Sat, 2021-11-06 19:38 GMT

Streu on which operating system is the host running?

I found some add-on for the game script - but they are for DOS

if linux is used, then you can probably just rewrite the scoring program on any python or perl interpreter. you just need to know the structure of the game files and the method of sending messages in the game.

The server is running on Linux/x64; I prefer to have the programs to run on it in source code so I can compile them myself. (Older programs, compiled for i386 nowadays sometimes make problems; DOS programs need emulation.)

When I say, "some effort", that includes porting/rewriting the logic to a new C program. Starbase Reloaded took around 2 weeks, so it's manageable. VGAP isn't too complex from that point of view.