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Date:Fri, 2021-11-05 17:57 GMT
Edited:Fri, 2021-11-05 18:02 GMT

Streu I disagree with you a little bit - because I play on the principle of "Russians don't give up" - and I stop the game only in the absence of planets and ships :wink: in other cases, I fight to the last ship - and sometimes even replenish my fleet :wink:))

BUT I want to draw your attention - economic scenarios are not the best option for a war game. please consider using scenarios to capture key points - SI-MI-cactus-mushrooms

and the last thing. the question is not only in my game for a pirate - the question of excessive alliances in the game - often the game becomes a confrontation of 2 coalitions. in this part, I will propose to increase the number of games without an alliance - not 1 out of 6, but for example 2 or 3. now the game without an alliance is only north star on plist 3. maybe it makes sense to make another game without alliances on the standard list of ships?

PS - I will add - I am not sure that I will play a pirate in a wolf game without alliances, especially if 1-2-7-9 will be in the neighbors - as it was in my last wolf game on one of the Russian hosts