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Date:Fri, 2021-11-05 15:47 GMT

Hey guys,

here's my 2 cents for now:

First and foremost, let's not forget this is a game. A game shall bring enjoyment to, hopefully, all involved parties. I'm not going to hand out precious prices for the first one to reach 1 million skill points, probably.

Although it is true that the early bird gets the worm, first one up gets the slippers, first to the mill is first to mill: it is legal in the same way it is legal to shovel all the chocolate bananas onto your plate at the buffet and saying "haha" to the sad child behind you, but it's not nice.

Maybe a comparison: it's a multiplayer game, so I expect everyone to make some concessions to their fun: if you're on the losing end of a game, it's surely legal to abandon your race (hey I cannot chain you to your chair!), but it's nicer to the other players to keep playing - especially when knowing they'd do the same for you.

I do not want to implement any rule that nobody likes, such as "you can only play at most so-and-so many games" or "you cannot play the same race more than X times in a row".

The best solution would be to have enough choice of games so there's always something open, and if there's nothing today, there'll be something tomorrow. Unfortunately, even things I'm really excited for - like the FLAK game, that I eagerly look forward to - take long to fill.

So that's the problem we all need to solve somehow. I still have some ideas in the pipeline. The other VGAP site, the one that does pay-for-play, has lots of players, so the game itself cannot be that bad...