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Date:Fri, 2021-11-05 07:45 GMT
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I don't see a queue of people willing to play pirate, although I have freed up 2 positions. if they are busy today - and someone wants to play pirate - tell me - I will free up more vacancies.

it's just that the complexity of the game is somewhere near the pirate - fascist and birds. according to statistics, even strong players often lose a game for pirates, and weak ones just throw.

look at the situation from the other side - when you see me in the game, you immediately understand that a very difficult game awaits you, in which you need to give 110% and come up with non-standard moves in response to my surprises

About the preliminary unions. I have heard the team and am ready to commit myself not to enter into an alliance with any player in the party from the 1st turn of the game. However, I will not promise that the Kobrov or the Emperor will not be an ally.

There will be no alliance across the galaxy without fleet delivery vehicles %)

I also want to answer why I play for a pirate. I'm not doing this because I DON'T KNOW HOW to play for other races - I'm just bored of playing for other races. there is no such dynamics and cunning maneuvers as when playing for a pirate. after all, the pirate does not have a heavy fleet and dozens of flagships that go straight ahead and smash everything in a row. and any meteor dies on the first mine or in a battle with an average ship of any race.

In addition, all games have economic scoring - either the number of planets, ships, or resources used - which is not much different from the first option.

there are no combat type scenarios SuperInvasion Tequila wars Mushroom scorer MULTI-INVASION

I suggest contacting Streu with a request to make a separate game - you can wolf without diplomacy, with the launch of the game in an incomplete composition (how many will be typed in a month, for example) and see the result.