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Date:Thu, 2021-11-04 20:46 GMT

Just one more word from my side in order not to leave this accusation unanswered:

and why did you get attached to us - because we are Russian?

It's definitely not because you are Russians. It's because the current situation has become very unsatisfactory to a lot of players who try to solve it now.

Remember, we are no politicians and no cold warriors either. We all are playing a game only :smile:

and why should I give odds to my opponents and not use it myself?

The odds should be as balanced as possible in order to make sure every player has a chance to have fun in the game.

there is a simple principle here - whoever got up first put on his slippers (Russian proverb).

Yea, the early bird catches the worm. But if there is only one worm available what should the other birds do? Try to put yourself in our position, what if some other bird does get up even earlier than you and claims the pirate in every new game? Wouldn't you be annoyed also?

Just my final two cents in this thread :wink: