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Date:Thu, 2021-11-04 18:04 GMT

A mean person would ask the question: Is it three individuals or a single person???

Hi Sergey,
nice but long speach :wink:
I just wonder why you quoted me. Do you call me 'mean'? Don't worry. I am an old guy and usually don't give a f**g sh**t about what people talk about me. (beware of sarcasm!)
It was not my intention to offend you (and i guess you even didn't feel like that).

As i'm a veteran as well i trust you on what you said as i sounds reasonable and logical. I even would agree to the point of choosing your ally.
Taking someone you don't know or better take the one which you have been successfully working together in the past?
I think the answer is the same for everyone here.

Didn't we meet on RCWorld, CircusMaximus or PlanetsServer (just to name the recent one that died) in the past?
Can't recall, but the more i repeat the nickname Kobrov, the more familiar it gets.

To all here: I suggest we treat this thread as closed as there is nothing more to say. I want to stop finger-pointing and bad words.
The number of active players is dramatically decreasing, so we as the strong rest should work together to keep the game alive for the next X-many years!!!

A lot of very good ideas came up in this and other threads on new game setttings.

Let's open a new (peaceful) thread to collect them all. We then can approach Stefan on the feasibilities.

BTW...anonymizing player names could also be nice.