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Date:Thu, 2021-11-04 16:19 GMT

A mean person would ask the question: Is it three individuals or a single person???

Greetings to All!

It's very funny to read about yourself in this forum thread.

I will dispel some misconceptions, although who does not want to hear others, he can continue to believe in anything.

Kobrov is my nickname. I am definitely not alone in three persons. :smile: My real name and surname are completely different, some veterans of the Planets know them, not only Atomix.

I have been playing Planets since 1993 with dozens of different games and hosts behind me. Yes, unfortunately, now there is practically one opportunity left - to play here. Many thanks to Stefan for that.

I play openly and honestly, always. I help allies in everything, I keep my word, I try to destroy enemies.

It is not always possible to win, but you need to strive for this, otherwise you should not start playing.

There will never be absolute balance and justice in the Planets. There are a lot of factors: races, different players, diplomacy, luck with the initial planets, etc. This game is interesting for this.

Have I, as a player, been destroyed by more powerful (successful) players, alliances? Of course. Is it unpleasant when a strong alliance is against you? Of course.

But I am not complaining, I am not throwing mud at other players, but I am trying to take revenge in a new game, enter a new alliance, strengthen it and win all together.

Find at least one post on the site with my complaints and criticism of other players.

I am almost from the very beginning on this site. 56 games ended, I played 44. There are more victories and high places than failures. Probably I was lucky, or maybe my experience helped me ... How many of them together with Atomix? Not everything, I didn't count, but I think about 5 (finished). Who is looking for conspiracies - look at the statistics on the players, everything is open.

I played and I play, I can play with all races. But I do not like to take everything and now I will take it if I have a choice (left free when preparing a new party).

I try not to play 5, 8, 4, 3. I don't really like them, but I can.

About the allies and the Atomix. There are experienced and reliable players who think almost like you are in a alliance, who always keep their word and go to the end, even losing. Playing with which you can learn something new yourself and become stronger as a player. Atomix is like that. Why should I, in parties with diplomacy, creating an alliance in order to defeat others, strengthen my race, without violating anything, not enter into an alliance with him?

Yes, it's easier for me not to fight a hardened pirate, but to use his help in achieving one goal - to win!

Have we not met many of those who have noted in this forum in games before? With someone I was in alliance, others I tried to defeat. For example, for a very long time I know and respect many veterans of this game, with whom I played on other hosts, in another life. Siba, Zergio, DarkClow, DarkAngel. I know their real names. They are great potential allies, incredibly strong opponents. Everything happened.

Hopefully, with my great post I have given the opportunity to new fantasies and accusations of my humble person. :smile:

Am I against balance? Of course not. Only everyone has his own. Siba correctly recalled the choice of races at the start of a new game, according to preferences, by lot, but here it is impossible. So whoever managed to take the first pirate - he will be a pirate. :smile: I don't need it at all.

And with whom I enter into an alliance and fight - I will always decide for myself, exclusively in my personal selfish interests. What I wish everyone!

Good luck in battles!