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Date:Sun, 2019-11-24 19:21 GMT

You can press Ctrl+S on the main screen in PCC2 (or enter "SaveGame" on the console) to save the game without exiting PCC2.

This works, I can open the console (Alt+C), press the up arrow, then ESC quick enough ... hmmm now that I think of it I can create a keyboard macro for this ... thanks!

You can use Alt+S whenever the map has focus, i.e. with 'A' (nav chart) or 'Y' (keyboard-move mode). You may need to press it twice, because it is a three-valued option. PCC1 accepts Ctrl+Alt+S on control screens and I cannot remember why PCC2 doesn't. So this could be added.

Perfect and Beautiful! The keymap is only mentioned on the Starchart help screen. However, Alt+S from the Starchart changes it everywhere as intended. An alternative to Ctrl+Alt+S from any control screen, would be to include Alt+S on Ship, Planet, and Base Help screens e.g.

Alt-S Toggle display of sector borders. Give focus to map 'Y' then press Alt-S until sector borders removed/shown.

The scanner starchart cannot currently be zoomed at all.

Are you using PCC2 in standard resolution (640x480) or anything other? The starchart renderer currently doesn't adapt very well to high resolutions, but changing that will be a big change. We will probably need fractional zoom levels etc.

I've tried -size=1405 and -size=1900x1060, preferred 1405 as it was easier to position and for multitasking windows I prefer not to have my screens maximized.

At -size=1405 I felt the rendering is good, if I get real close to screen I can see the warp well shape around planets just fine. I think I see what you mean ... at lower resolutions the current map zoom level looks good. As you increase the the resolution things get tiny. The lowest my monitor goes is 800x600 paired with -size=740 is the look I was going for ... works for now.

PCC2 tries to make sure you don't need EchoView :smile:

I'm starting to discover some of the predictive aspects of PCC2. Eliminate the need for Echoview ... that's a brave new world, you have my support.

Spread the word to keep it alive :smile: