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Date:Sun, 2019-11-24 12:20 GMT

I use Echoview with the config setting "Reload on Activate." In Winplan I set a waypoint and it shows it immediately when I switch back to Echoview. Or in Winplan I lay mines, switch to Echoview and use Shift+F3 to see the minefield. To get Echoview to update with PCC2 I must exit to "Choose Game" screen before it updates in Echoview. Can it be made so that PCC2 pokes Echoview the same way Winplan does?

This difference exists because Winplan works on disk files whereas PCC2 loads everything into memory. Pretty much every keystroke is directly written to disk by Winplan. This is the reason why PCC2 (and PCC, VPA, GWP, xk, ...) can be so fast.

You can press Ctrl+S on the main screen in PCC2 (or enter "SaveGame" on the console) to save the game without exiting PCC2.

That aside, PCC2 tries to make sure you don't need EchoView :smile:

Ship Screen ('F1'):
- Button to toggle starmap grid on/off

You can use Alt+S whenever the map has focus, i.e. with 'A' (nav chart) or 'Y' (keyboard-move mode). You may need to press it twice, because it is a three-valued option.

PCC1 accepts Ctrl+Alt+S on control screens and I cannot remember why PCC2 doesn't. So this could be added.

- Config option in ini to set default zoom of starmap
- Mousewheel up/down zooms in/out starmap instead of cycling ships.
- if mousewheel is no-go, than page up/dwn works too.

The scanner starchart cannot currently be zoomed at all.

Are you using PCC2 in standard resolution (640x480) or anything other? The starchart renderer currently doesn't adapt very well to high resolutions, but changing that will be a big change. We will probably need fractional zoom levels etc.

Navigation Screen ('a' from Ship Screen):
- Mousewheel up/down zooms in/out starmap

Noted. This looks like just an omission.

- A method to donate/buy you a couple cups of coffee? I've been playing PLANETS off and on (mostly off) for 20+ years and your still contributing .... I just want to say thanks.

Spread the word to keep it alive :smile: