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Date:Sun, 2019-11-24 16:15 GMT
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I'm not so sure about this, as with the standard ship list, those high end warships aren't silly, they are your survival. Especially if you're, say, the Klingon with a few Gorbies coming your way.

But - I won't know for sure until I try it. I just signed up for Phoenix 8.


That's the whole point. In PHOST there aren't coming a bunch of gorbies over for a teaparty unless your difference in economics is so vast that there wasn't a chance to begin with. But than it doesn't matter at all if you play Tims List or PList because if in Tims List there are coming 10 Gorbies and you are sitting there defending with 10 Kitty Hawks that's gameover nonetheless. *shrug*

@ Andor
If you can't warm up to the names, then well... have fun at Titan games here. Though do they have TList names for engines and weapons? Well at the very least they should feel like the old ones in combat. Hopefully.
Everybody shall play the games to have fun in his own fashion. No hard feelings about that. :smile: