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Date:Thu, 2019-01-17 18:53 GMT

PCC 2.0.6 will have new keys:

  • F4 (or Shift-Enter) will open the object on the starchart
  • F1 on a ship will open its control screen, F6 opens the history
  • F2 on a planet will open its control screen, F3 opens its starbase

Huh, how is this different from the keys right now? I think I am using these already in that very manner. Besides Shift+Enter which I don't use because F4 always does the trick.

The above applies to the search (F7) window.

The second request I can't confirm. If I opened a starbase then the starbase is shown, not the planet and vice versa just as intendet.

kite was referring to the starchart overlay on the starchart (called BASELOCK, reachable by pressing B), not the starchart screen (F3). That one indeed just shows a planet.