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Date:Sun, 2019-01-13 20:17 GMT
Edited:Sun, 2019-01-13 20:21 GMT

PCC 2.0.6 will have new keys:

  • F4 (or Shift-Enter) will open the object on the starchart
  • F1 on a ship will open its control screen, F6 opens the history
  • F2 on a planet will open its control screen, F3 opens its starbase


Huh, how is this different from the keys right now? I think I am using these already in that very manner. Besides Shift+Enter which I don't use because F4 always does the trick.

If I zoom in to max my PCC2 is getting noticeably slower. It's annoying.

I saw the smiley, but I still have to ask: what kind of computer do you have? I am spoilt now by 3 GHz quadcore. But PCC2's mission normally would be to run efficient on low-spec / older hardware.

I've checked now and the 'noticeably slower' should be a 'it tends to lag a bit'. Which is annoying allright, but not really slower. May be that's got something to do with opening a bunch (100+) mozilla windows... :embarassed:

Anyway my hardware is some about 5 years old mid to low price computer. So 3GHz quadcore is right on the money. :lol:

Can I ask you to make a few more minor changes to the new version of the program?
First, please correct the fuel usage line in shiplock window on the starchart. It does not display the amount of fuel needed by the ship to complete the Cloak mission.
Second, make that in baselock windows on the starchart display a base picture instead of a planet picture. This is a purely aesthetic change. Just sometimes I forget what kind of windows I am (bases or planets.)

I second the first request. Right now, what happens if you fall for it is that the ship will consume the fuel for cloaking and then it will run dry while moving and thus uncloak. Which defeats the purpose. :smile:

The second request I can't confirm. If I opened a starbase then the starbase is shown, not the planet and vice versa just as intendet.