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Date:Sun, 2019-01-13 15:52 GMT

PCC 2.0.6 will have new keys:

  • F4 (or Shift-Enter) will open the object on the starchart
  • F1 on a ship will open its control screen, F6 opens the history
  • F2 on a planet will open its control screen, F3 opens its starbase


Can I ask you to make a few more minor changes to the new version of the program?
First, please correct the fuel usage line in shiplock window on the starchart. It does not display the amount of fuel needed by the ship to complete the Cloak mission.
Second, make that in baselock windows on the starchart display a base picture instead of a planet picture. This is a purely aesthetic change. Just sometimes I forget what kind of windows I am (bases or planets.)