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Date:Sun, 2017-12-03 13:18 GMT

Looks like this thread lost interest. So lets see if it gets revived.

Nothing gets lost, I'm making weekly backups :smile:

Say a smaller map, maybe less players. The end condition would be x players left. If you miss a turn too bad. No emergency delays of the host. No drop of the player. This way you have to conquer him even if he is not playing. And maybe 4 turns a week.

One of the things i don't like much is the fact that i have to wait too long to get the turn and if my neighbors are conquered and i want to go after the first 3 players they are too far away... and start to loose interest.

I have been thinking of something alike to this as well.

Here's my excuse why it is not there yet: such a game needs new features in the host software. The current software is hard to test, and therefore I spent most of 2017 reworking it and making it testable. I know I already broke things in updates previously (as in "host ran when it shouldn't have run"), and I want to be sure this does not happen. Currently, the only updated part is the forum, but I plan on updating the remaining services as well, hopefully using the upcoming holiday break for it.