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Date:Wed, 2017-10-18 11:09 GMT

I want to express my opinion.

MaxShipsHissing = 3 is a parameter that restricts only Lizard. I would like a more universal solution, so I propose to set MaxPlanetarincome = 3000 ... 4000

In addition, playing for a robot, I was convinced of the low effectiveness of minefields. This is due to the fact that most of the ships in Plist 3, much heavier than their counterparts in the standard shiplist.Therefore, I propose to strengthen such an element of the game as minefields by setting the parameter

About the cloak scouts. Their presence does not affect the combat capabilities of the races, but will increase the dynamics of the game, make it more aggressive, allow players to better plan their combat operations. As a compromise, we can give the property of cloak to the scout not from the level L0, but from the level L1 or L2.

And the last. I propose to somehow strengthen Robot, as this is the weakest race in the game. Even the developers of Plist admit this.