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Date:Tue, 2017-10-17 13:34 GMT

Is it necessary?

I think not. It's much easier to start the game with standart config, vs modified config.

Why the hell we'd give cloaker to each race, who will play 1-5 then?..

I don't really bother about terraformrate or so.. races with terraformers (1-2-6) are able to build lot of them, terraformrate 2 is needed for those who steal 1-2 terraformers at all :smile:

And the main point - any changes needs to be tested good. I'm not happy to implement some settings just because it seems good for 2-3 guys at the forum...

If you wish an advanced wolf-style game, try G-List. It was created especially for non alliance games, and was tested with couple of simulations and real games, through 4 generations of setting (last version 4.1). Originally based on PList 3.2