This is the PlanetsCentral forum.


Browsing the forums should be intuitive and not need an explanation.

PlanetsCentral tracks what postings you have already read. Forums and topics that have unread postings will have a "glow" on their icon. Use Mark forum read to mark a forum read if you do not want to read it completely.

PlanetsCentral can also send you mail when something happens. Use Watch this forum/topic to watch a forum or topic. After you use that button, it turns into a Stop watching button you can use to unsubscribe again.


You write a posting by clicking Reply on a posting you want to answer, or by clicking New Topic to open a new topic in a forum. If these buttons are not shown, you are not allowed to write into that forum. In any case, you must log in to write.

You will get a text input field you can use to write your posting. You can use standard BBCode tags. For your convenience, a list is shown below the editor. Please also enter a good "Subject" line for your posting, i.e., use "Problem with Winplan under Windows 7", not "Help!!!11!".

Please use the Preview function before submitting your post, to make sure it looks right. Then, click Send! to submit it for others to read.

If you've made a mistake, you can also edit your postings afterwards.

PlanetsCentral will automatically subscribe you to topics you wrote in, and to forums for games you join. You will get mail if someone answers your posting or writes in your game's forum. This can be turned off in the Settings.