Email Settings

You can enter an email address. This email address will be used to send you result files or other information regarding your games, so I strongly recommend you to enter an address.

You will receive a confirmation email containing a link. By clicking this link, you confirm that PlanetsCentral can actually send you mail; no other mail will be sent until you click this link. This also avoids that someone accidentally or on purpose enters your email address for his account.

You can choose to allow other logged-in users to see your email address so they can contact you directly. The email address will not be shown to users that are not logged in, such as spider engines.

You can choose the preferred format for turn emails. The default, recommended setting is Zipped result, which sends you a ZIP file containing your result (and util.dat or other files). This is the safest choice, ZIP files usually travel the email system unharmed these days. Plain result will attach the result file as is. Information only will send you just an email pointing to the new turn, you can use this if you play with PCC2 Web. No game email will send no email at all.

You can also choose the preferred format for message notifications. The default, recommended setting is For each message, which sends you email containing the message whenever you receive a private message. One, until I read them sends you just a notification when you receive a message, and sends no more notifications until you read your Inbox. No notifications sends no notifications at all; use this if you check your inbox regularily anyway.

Identity Settings

You can enter various information to personalize your account. All this information is optional.


You can change your password here.

The password must consist of regular ASCII characters. Case is significant here, and punctuation is allowed, but umlauts and other international characters are not supported.

Forum Settings

You can configure whether you'll automatically be subscribed to topics you write in. If a new post is added to a topic you're subscribed to, you will get an email notification.

Likewise, you can configure whether you'll automatically be subscribed to forums of games you join. If someone posts in a game forum, you will get a notification.

No matter what you configured here, you can also subscribe/unsubscribe to topics and forums manually when you're viewing the topic/forum. A list of subscribed forums and topics is available on the Talk tab.

You can also choose the preferred notification format. Once per topic, until I visit it will just send you single "hey, something happened" email, even if multiple postings are added. A new email is only sent after you read the topic on the web next time. For each individual message will send you all new messages by email.


The Computer Settings are settings that are stored in a cookie in your current browser. You can set them to different values on each computer you use. The idea is that you, for example, check the forum on your smartphone during your morning commute, but want to read it again, comfortably on your PC with a real keyboard, in the evening. You can thus configure your smartphone to not mark forum posts or messages read, so you still find them in the evening.