When you subscribe to a game hosted on PlanetsCentral, you have two ways to play it:

Both methods have their advantages. You can even switch between or mix them (like: play on your computer when at home, online when travelling).

Since PlanetsCentral is classic VGA Planets under the hood, it needs a game directory to store your game files. This is what your file area is for.

To play a game with PCC2 Web, you can tell the Host to set up a game directory for you. This is called a Managed Game. The easiest way is to click on your race name, choose the Set up & Play option, and follow the instructions. This will guide you through all necessary steps.

You can also set up the game manually using the game's Settings screen. This will offer a checkbox "Play online with PCC2 Web" and an input field for a directory name. I recommend leaving the directory name alone and just checking the checkbox. The Host will now install all files needed for playing in the game directory, you can upload your key file manually.

Turn File Handling

When playing a managed game, it is important to use the [Pause Icon] "Stop playing for now" link. At this time, the turn file is submitted to the host system, and you will receive the usual turn file status information.

If you just close your browser, or start playing another game, the turn file is saved to the file system, but it is not submitted to the host! If you forget to use the "Stop playing for now" link, the host will use a previously-submitted file, if any. However, if you did not submit a turn, but there is a turn file in the file system, the host will use that to avoid that you completely miss a turn.