When you log in, you have a certain amount of disk space associated with your amount. You can use it to upload your VGA Planets™ files for playing. Your disk space is limited, but should be plenty for playing Planets (but not for trading pirate music).

Folders and Files

When you open the file manager, it starts in your home directory. You can navigate into other folders [Folder Icon] by clicking them. Clicking a file [File Icon] will show it in your browser or download it, depending on its type. You can always use right click, save link target, to download a file. Some files are formatted and hyperlinked by PlanetsCentral when you open them, those have a separate download option.

Although you can create files in your home directory, I recommend you to create subfolders, one for each game you want to play. You can also create folders within folders if you want to organize your games. To create a folder, use the "New Folder" option.

The "Upload File" option allows you to select a file from your computer using the "Browse..." button. By default, the File Manager uses the original name of the file, but you can give it a different name if you wish. Note that the File Manager always converts file names into lower case and removes fancy characters from it; VGA Planets™ files only have ASCII lower-case names.

You can delete files by using the [Delete] icon next to it.


Once you upload a RST file, the File Manager considers this directory a game directory, and asks you to provide a registration key. You can do so by uploading a fizz.bin file. Alternatively, follow the link provided in the hint box, to copy the registration key from another of your games.

Likewise, the File Manager will ask you to upload ship list and starchart files. Upload them normally, or use the form provided in the hint box to upload them all at once. When you upload many files at once, please make sure to upload each in the field intended for it.

When a game has successfully been set up, you can play it [Play Icon]. The File Manager is automatically synchronized with the game. Whenever you look at the game directory with the File Manager, PCC2 Web writes a current TRN file for you to download. Whenever you modify something inside the game directory (such as uploading a new RST), PCC2 Web terminates, so you can restart it with the new situation.

Managed Games

When you subscribe to a game hosted on PlanetsCentral, you can configure that game to automatically prepare a game directory for you. Use the game's Settings page, or the guided set up reachable through the Play section to configure the directory name. You can normally keep the default.

The selected directory will then be managed by the Automated Host. Most files will be write-protected for you, and you will not be able to upload, say, a new ship list. You will, however, be able to upload your registration key or your chartX.cc files.


Normally, only you can read and write files in your folders. You can, however, grant other users access permissions. Use the "Properties" function to view a folder's properties, including its permissions.

The following permissions exist:

You can set permissions for individual users, or for all users. As an indication that you have set permissions, the folder is shown with a different icon: [Public Folder Icon] for a folder that has permissions to some other users, [World Folder Icon] for a folder that has permissions for everyone.

Note that users do not get notified of their permissions, and do not automatically see your folders in their file manager. You probably have to mail them a link. Also note that allowing them to Read files does not automatically allow them to List your files, or vice versa.