(Q1) What do I need to play? Do I need to use PCC/PCC Web/...?
You can play using any VGA Planets™ client. Examples include DOS Planets (planets.exe), Winplan, VPA, PCC, PCC2, PCC2 Web. You can use PCC2 Web, but you don't have to.
PlanetsCentral is commited to provide compatibility with the whole VGA Planets 3.x universe, and I try hard to maintain compatibility with all add-ons and utilities that exist for the game.
Note that you need a registration key from Tim Wisseman to play with unrestricted Tech.
(Q2) I'm going on a vacation/business trip and cannot submit my turn, can a host run be skipped/moved? Can another player play as my replacement?
Post a message in the forum and ask for other players' OK. I usually monitor all forums, but if you want to be extra sure, you can also send a message to streu. The skip/move will have to be executed using the Admin console. In the future, there will also be a web interface for it.
I prefer that all changes of this kind be discussed as open as possible. PlanetsCentral should be a reliable, dependable host, and there shouldn't be advantages for players that happen to know my email address or phone number.
Also, please give these requests a few days time, so everyone has a chance to read it. Plus, sometimes I am on vacation away from the network as well.
(Q3) I did some mistake in my turn, can you re-run the host?
Short answer: No.
As for the previous question, I want this to be a reliable host with equal rules for everyone. Doing a host re-run disrupts the game for everyone, and there cannot be 100% objective criteria what allows a host re-run and what doesn't. So, no matter what I decide, someone will consider himself treated unfair. Thus, no re-runs for anyone. The only exception is clear bugs in the hosting software.
Some tips to avoid errors:
  1. Upload your turns using the web interface. This gives immediate feedback. Mail always has some delay, and does not guarantee delivery, so do not submit turns by mail if time is tight.
  2. If you're not sure that your turn is final, you can avoid that the host runs early with an incomplete turn by checking the This is not my final turn, do not run host with it checkbox. Use that if you did your turn in a hurry and want to look over it again tomorrow.
  3. The turn upload says what game your turn was for. Look close if you play multiple games, so you don't upload a turn for A but think it was for B.
(Q4) I'm defeated. How do I resign from a game?
The "Resign" option is available on the game info screen, either using the Settings button, or by clicking at your race name and using the menu.
Be aware that resigning gives you a reliability penalty. If it looks like you're defeated, but you're still strong, you will get a big penalty. Consider playing the game to the bitter end. It'll help you learn, probably make a difference to the game outcome, not spoil the game too much for the others, and ultimately reduce your penalty.
See Ranking System for formulas.
(Q5) Do you offer Tim-Host games?
As of May 2013, no, but I definitively plan to. This site runs on Linux, so supporting Tim's HOST requires emulation. So far I'm concentrating on getting as much as possible native Linux code up and running.
(Q6) Do I need to give you my email address? My inbox is overflowing from spam.
You don't have to give me your email address, but I recommend you to do it anyway. I promise not to spam you.
If you enter an email address, the server will send you one mail asking to confirm that you actually own that email address. Only if you click the confirmation link, the server will be able to email you.
By default, the server sends you email on various events: your turn files, answers to forum topics you wrote in, and private messages. You can configure how many of these messages you want to receive, or turn them off altogether. Of course, when you decide to receive one type of message, the server must know your email address.
But if you're really sure that you don't ever want any mail from PlanetsCentral, just leave the email address field blank.
Note that password recovery requires working email. If you forget your password, you can recover your account only if you have entered an email address, and have clicked the confirmation link.
(Q7) I want to build my own autohost. Can I use your software?
Sure, but it won't be easy. On the one hand, the software is not packaged into a nice installer with easy wizards that you just tell your FTP password and are ready to go; it's a set of application servers that come in source code form and use text files for configuration. On the other hand, the PlanetsCentral software is fully integrated, so while it's probably possible to use the autohost without the forum, it's not meant this way.
Source code is usually available on http://phost.de/~stefan/cc2/ with every new PCC2 release. If you really want to get it to work on your installation, just get in touch with me.
(Q8) The game shows all turns are in, but host does not run. Why?
Probably a player has marked their turn temporary. If a player is not done with their turn, but wants to already upload it "just in case", they can mark it temporary: there's a checkbox after the upload, and a menu item on the game page. A temporary turn will be displayed as a normal "OK" turn to other players. Uploading another turn will reset the "temporary" flag.
Note that (unless the scheduled time is reached) the host will wait 30 minutes after the last turn submission to allow you to fix last-minute mistakes. But this means you'll never see the host running immediately after an upload.