Short answer: No.

As for the previous question, I want this to be a reliable host with equal rules for everyone. Doing a host re-run disrupts the game for everyone, and there cannot be 100% objective criteria what allows a host re-run and what doesn't. So, no matter what I decide, someone will consider himself treated unfair. Thus, no re-runs for anyone. The only exception is clear bugs in the hosting software.

Some tips to avoid errors:

  1. Upload your turns using the web interface. This gives immediate feedback. Mail always has some delay, and does not guarantee delivery, so do not submit turns by mail if time is tight.
  2. If you're not sure that your turn is final, you can avoid that the host runs early with an incomplete turn by checking the This is not my final turn, do not run host with it checkbox. Use that if you did your turn in a hurry and want to look over it again tomorrow.
  3. The turn upload says what game your turn was for. Look close if you play multiple games, so you don't upload a turn for A but think it was for B.