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[Posting] Another Pause Request
Thread opener, Player 8 (The Evil Empire)
Posted Sat, 2024-05-25 19:29 GMT


you may not believe it, but for some of us the holiday season is about to kick off with schools shutting down for summer break soon. As a heads up, I will be on travel starting 16 JUN until 20 JUL. I kindly ask to pause the game during this period.

Thank you.

Cheers Terraner

[Posting] Re: Another Pause Request
Player 5 (The Privateers)
Posted Sat, 2024-05-25 22:02 GMT

OK as always :smile:

[Posting] Re: Another Pause Request
Posted Sat, 2024-06-15 19:58 GMT

Next scheduled turn on July 21st; expecting that the current one runs normally.

Given the tie in the end condition discussion, I set the end condition to turn 99 sharp.

Thus you can use the break for your ultimate move - or use the time to convince the others to continue.