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[Posting] Update: PCC 1.1.22, PCC2 2.0.16, and PCC2 NG 2.41.2
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Posted Mon, 2024-04-29 17:14 GMT

Hi there,

I have prepared updates for all the PCC desktop versions: the classic DOS version, PCC2, and the Next Generation beta.

One major new feature for all of them is the ability to filter ship missions by category, e.g. "Lay" (mine laying) or "Gather". This is especially useful for PHost games, where missions come in multiple flavors.

Another helpful feature is that, on the hull function list for a ship, if an ability is available only at certain experience level, you will now see how many turns it takes to reach it. This prediction considers aging and training. On PlanetsCentral, that is especially useful in the North Star and Pleiades series.

PCC was updated with fixed and improvements its big brothers got previously, e.g. percentage population growth on the taxation dialog.

PCC2 got a small number of minor improvements. One new feature is that you can now build a starbase from a planet auto-task (Orders > Build Starbase). This is useful if you do not have all the material right now, because it will tell you how much is missing.

PCC2 NG now comes with preloaded ship images. (For the other versions, those are available as an addon.) It also received the improvements the others got.

Download from the respective pages:

Have fun!

PS, there were two small outages last week; those had not been announced by the ISP.