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[Posting] Pause request
Thread opener, Player 4 (The Fascists)
Posted Mon, 2023-10-02 13:12 GMT

I ask for the rounds to be suspended, from October 5th to October 17th, I will be on holiday without the possibility of connecting.


[Posting] Re: Pause request
Player 6 (The Cyborg)
Posted Mon, 2023-10-02 22:20 GMT

I'm ok with that. Enjoy your holidays!

[Posting] Re: Pause request
Posted Thu, 2023-10-05 14:58 GMT

done. Next host on October 19.

[Posting] Re: Pause request
Player 10 (The Rebels)
Posted Fri, 2023-10-06 04:43 GMT

Certainly ok :smile: