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[Posting] I'm asking you to stop the game
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Posted Sun, 2023-01-01 14:11 GMT

I'm asking you to stop the game

I got a message


(-d0156)<<< Space Dock Message >>>

Ship ID #81: 667

has been recycled at Mao 4 space dock.


but I gave this ship a mission to lay mines - and that mission was accomplished.

this ship is extremely important to my plans and its disassembly kills all my further actions.

I'm asking you to sort it out and return this ship to me!

[Posting] Re: I'm asking you to stop the game
Posted Sun, 2023-01-01 22:24 GMT


this is the starbase "Recycle" action, not the "Colonize" mission. Recycling happens after mine laying, so this is no contradiction with the ship laying mines. You gave a Recycle action in your turn file:

BaseFixRecycleShipId                              ; index 271, position 00000E32
  Base Id            = 156
  Ship Id            = 81

BaseFixRecycleShip                                ; index 272, position 00000E38
  Base Id            = 156
  Action             = 2                          ; Recycle

So, this is not an error of the host software. Also I cannot see any irregularities with the submitted turn file, it has been submitted the same way as all your turn files before.

To check for yourself, download the turn file as host saw it from the game's history section.

I know how upsetting this is because I typically make mistakes of that grade at least once per game: forget to cloak, forget to load fuel onto hypers (caused me to lose one-and-a-half in FLAK 1), forget to set or reset Primary Enemy, etc. But there will not be re-hosts for player mistakes of any kind, sorry.

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